Belladonna by Keziah Kelsey is a set designed for rich, true color and gorgeous skin tones.

 Belladonna is a set built to enhance the beauty of your frames, play with color and tone and create a luscious, painterly feel to each image. 

Using color theory, each preset is built to balance your tones and emphasis strong color compositions. The collection has a full mix of warm tones (Dinah, Moira & Zayne), cool tones (Gloria, Evie & Brooke),deeper skin tones (Tara & Sessy), a retro tone (Tess) and a rich, Filmy B&W ( Adelia). Each preset is designed carefully to enhance your vision and voice; not every preset will work on every photograph, instead you will find perfect matches in the set for each mood and situation.

Keziah Kelsey is a former art educator, an artist, and fine artphotographer, in 2014 she pivoted from high concept styled shoots in the fashion world to intimate, raw, and real portraits of family, motherhood, and childhood as she began her own family journey. Her photography business has grown from a side hustle to fulltimeand has deepened in tunewith the seasons in her life. She now offers full service,end to end professional photography as well as mentoring, classes, and workshops for budding photographers


Compatible with 

Adobe Lightroom Classic / CC 2015 and later.

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 7.3 and later.

The ACR Versions ofPhotoshop CS6 + CC


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